Townsville City Council - The Strand, Castle Hill and Riverway Lighting Design

Townsville City Council’s plan to reduce energy use in lights at the Strand, Riverway and Castle Hill has seen conventional lighting replaced with modern, efficient LED lighting. The principal contractor, Australasian LED, engnaged MRM Engineering to complete the design of the lighting for the Strand and Riverway Projects.

MRM Completed the lighting design to Australian Standard A/NZS 1158.3.1 Lighting for roads and public spaces. The design included calculation of the illuminance of the pathways and determination of the vertical illuminance for the operation of CCTV camera. Of critical importance in the design as the environmental impact on the turtle nesting area; the LED lighting considered turtle friendly because they have little to no light spill which means they won’t disorientate new hatchlings.

A total of 224 lights have been installed on the Strand, four lights lighting up the Saint on Castle Hill, and 229 lights at Riverway.