The MRM team has been successfully delivering projects for its clients for over ten years, working in both challenging green field and brown field projects and performing maintenance activities.


Wesfarmers Curragh - CHPP Incomer Upgrade & Arc Flash Study 

MRM Engineering was engaged by Wesfarmers Curragh to manage the upgrade of six 2500A incomer circuit breakers in the Coal Preparation Plant Switchboards. MRM completed the installation design and busbar measurements, revised the electrical schematics and prepared the scope of work for the upgrade. 

As an integral part of the upgrade, MRM Engineering completed an arc flash study on the switchboards in the Coal Preparation Plant at Wesfarmers Curragh. MRM used SKM© Power Tools software to complete the assessment of the arc flash study in accordance with NFPA 70E 2012 Annex D.7 IEEE1584 method for determining arc flash boundaries. Electrical drawings of the electrical installation were completed with the requisite arc flash study details.

Infrastructure Upgrade - BHP Muswellbrook 2012-2013 

The RX1 upgrade was a $380 million dollar upgrade of the CHPP, infrastructure and Earth moving equipment. MRM engineering designed and commissioned three 11kV/415V 1MVA substations, including earthing design, designed and commissioned the electrical systems for a new oil and diesel hydrocarbons facility, completed functional safety audits and provided electrical site supervisors and commission personnel for the infrastructure workshop and office upgrades.

MRM Engineering also provided electrical drafting and administration resources for the project, both on and offsite.

  • Conveyor upgrades – variable speed drives
  • Substations 1MVA to 2MVA - Design, installation supervision and commission
  • Substation earthing designs Hydrocarbons facility – Design, supervise and commission
  • Power system – fault analysis, load flow arc flash, step and touch potentials
  • New workshops, bathhouse and offices - Design, supervise and commission
  • Functional safety assessments
  • Scheduling for shutdowns
  • Commissioning of all electrical systems
  • Safety – Zero LTI for the entire project
  • Engineering management


Wesfarmers Curragh - Dragline Electrical Upgrade 2014 

MRM Engineering were engaged by Curragh to complete the power system study, design of the replacement main 415V switchboard and manage the upgrade of the 22kV and 6.6kV switchboards with ABB.

Protection settings, fault level analysis, load flow and arc flash studies for the electrical network from the 66kV transportable substation to the low voltage switchboards.

MRM acted as the clients representative for the replacement of the 22kV and 6.6kV switchgear with ABB Unisafe equipment. MRM completed the design review, managed the manufacturing of the equipment and attended the factory testing of the equipment. MRM designed a new pressurised enclosure for the high voltage equipment.

MRM completed the design, managed the manufacturing and factory testing of the new 415V main 2000amp switchboard. The design included arc flash protection relays, type 2 co-ordination of the equipment and protection grading of the circuit breakers. 


CHPP Upgrade - BHP Muswellbrook 2010-2012 

The MAC20 upgrade was a $325 million dollar brown field upgrade of the CHPP, involving upgrade of the coal processing modules from 600tph to 1000tph, new ROM crushing facility and upgrade of associated conveyor systems.

MRM Engineering provided the Principal Electrical Engineer for the CHPP electrical upgrade, electrical design engineers and site electrical supervisors. The electrical work included scheduling, engineering design, factory testing, commissioning and drafting.

Additionally, MRM preformed safety inspections and audits during the projects. MRM Engineering also provided electrical drafting and administration resources for the project, both on and offsite.

  • Conveyor upgrades – variable speed drives
  • CPP Module upgrade  600 to 1000 tonnes per hour
  • 4000A main circuit breaker upgrades
  • 3MVA transformer upgrade
  • ARC flash protection
  • Scheduling for shutdowns
  • Commissioning of all electrical and instrumentation
  • Safety – Zero LTI for entire project



Mt Arthur Coal Substation Earth Grid Design - 2014 

MRM Engineering completed the electrical deisgn of the earthing grid three new
field substations for mine. The design included modelling of the earth grid using
SafeGrid© design software, analysis of the earth fault levels, and step and touch
potentials to ensure that the earth systems were compliant with Australian
Standards. Detailed design drawings were provided for the earth grid and
substation area fencing, signage and installation requirements.

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Tyre Handler Functional Safety Review 

MRM Engineering was engaged by a local manufacturing company to complete the functional safety risk review of the tyre handler. The tyre handler is a hydraulically actuated machine used to support tyres when being removed from Heavy Mining Equipment. Each tyre can weigh as much as 15 tonnes.

MRM Engineering used Australian Standards AS/NZS61508 and AS/NZS62061 to assess the functional safety requirements of the equipment. A risk assessment was completed and a Functional Safety report completed for the project.

Townsville City Council – The Strand, Castle Hill & Riverway Lighting 

Townsville City Council’s plan to reduce energy use in lights at the Strand, Riverway and Castle Hill has seen conventional lighting replaced with modern, efficient LED lighting. The principal contractor, Australasian LED, engnaged MRM Engineering to complete the design of the lighting for the Strand and Riverway Projects.

MRM Completed the lighting design to Australian Standard A/NZS 1158.3.1 Lighting for roads and public spaces. The design included calculation of the illuminance of the pathways and determination of the vertical illuminance for the operation of CCTV camera. Of critical importance in the design as the environmental impact on the turtle nesting area; the LED lighting considered turtle friendly because they have little to no light spill which means they won’t disorientate new hatchlings.

A total of 224 lights have been installed on the Strand, four lights lighting up the Saint on Castle Hill, and 229 lights at Riverway.